Environmental Assesments 

  • third-party inspections, audits, and compliance reviews
  • after action reviews and investigations
  • odor and incident investigations
  • management plans, federal and state permits (air, water, waste), sampling plans
  • compliance consulting –
    • pre-compliance inspection preparation
    • on-site representation for visits and inspections from EPA, USCG, DEQ or other regulatory agencies.
  •  Sampling, monitoring – water, air, soil, waste
  • Emergency response management, representation and coordination

Environmental Compliance

Full environmental regulatory compliance support including:




Legal Expert Witness

  • experienced in assisting law firms with toxic tort cases
  • environmental regulatory legal expert
  • specialized document review and reporting 
  • associated research and investigations
  • Specific experience in cases involving:
    • NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material)
    • exposure/health effects and compliance reviews of petrochemical facilities
    • chloroprene, neoprene
    • used oil refinerie

Enviro Tech Solutions

We offer and develop:

  • proprietary databases, software, and applications designed to assist with providing environmental solutions
  • websites and internal intranets for small businessess